White-Knight Syndrome

Every man needs to be aware of the dangers of white-knight syndrome. Quite simply, ironically enough, it’s the true source of feminism’s horsepower–ironic, because it’s a warped remnant of old-school chivalry that has resulted in men victimizing other men in the interest of feeling like the hero in a storybook rescuing a damsel in distress, when in reality what they do is deprive other men of justice. Feminism’s true power lies in their reliance on this traditional paradigm–traditionalism, which they appear to oppose, but are only exploiting.

A white knight is Jezebel’s wet dream, hence feminism, which manages to endure the “empowerment” by victimhood paradox, because of white knights who victimize men out a desire to be “one of the good guys” against villainous men who overpower the more helpless and (allegedly) harmless gender. As much as many women might like, men cannot be altogether disposed and many man-haters know this full-well that men are still required to take on tough duties in the society that women can enjoy, and the “white knight” is exactly the “useful idiot” she needs.

I mentioned in my last post that if white knights’ true desire is the well-being of women, then ultimately they are their own worst enemy to that end too, because in their zeal to take out “bad bad men” who victimize women, to the point where innocent men become collateral damage, we’ll run out of men who are able to help women. Of course, that’s a secondary issue, because their original crime is depriving other men of justice which they have no right to do.

But, as for that secondary issue, this needs to be a wake-up call for women: wondering why so many men don’t want to marry? In large part, because they know what happens to men in family courts upon divorce, and not too seldom at that. The wake up call for women ought to be that they need to be just as interested in the well-being and justice of men as for themselves and other women regardless, but there are consequences affecting what men can do for women in the event of such a spectacular apathy.

I will digress momentarily from the main drag of this article. This issue of women’s apathy bothers me more than white-knight syndrome, because the “do unto others” is not happening and I cannot fathom the excuse for women so accomplished at voicing their needs and grievances and making themselves their own top priority–an area which men need to get better at doing if, once again, they expect to keep their strength to help themselves, other men, and women, hence my efforts with this blog. Society’s demonstrable deficiency in protecting men from female adversaries (on every level) is causing disaster for absolutely everyone.

Here is an example of a young man who knows exactly what he is doing with an understanding of reality–a woman assaults him (NOT in self-defense) but he doesn’t dare attack back. At one point she gets a finger inside his mouth and pulls at his cheek (fishhook) and, in that position, only a few pounds of force of a pull could rip through anyone’s cheek. But again, it’s a risk–as he demonstrably fully understands that he must take, to allow himself to be assaulted, with his camera being his only line of defense when she would later accuse him of assaulting her; she, a modern woman, is fully aware of white-knight syndrome culture and attempted to exploit it.

This video is the only way he survived the double-victimhood of being assaulted and a false accusation, as her accusation against him was automatically believed and only this video changed others’ minds. There is no way of knowing how many men were not so savvy and fortunate so as to be spared such a fate.

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Who can even say how many men, currently locked up and/or misrepresented within violence statistics,  didn’t suffer such a double-victimhood if a woman is automatically believed? White-Knights, you have a problem, and you need to fix it.

Men, let’s be a service to women.

Men, let’s be a service to other men and ourselves, for our own sakes, and so we can keep it up.

Women, you might consider carefully how you’ve likely been the recipient of chivalry and consider that men aren’t a bottomless pit of strength that they may seem, and think about putting something into the men’s side of the economy please. I’ve seen enough of these anecdotes of women attempting to falsely accuse a man (proved wrong only by blatant evidence like a recording) to tell me that it’s not just a few conniving women who are aware of their abilities to do this to a man–to cry victim and summon white-knight culture against a man. No, I believe story after story like this indicates that the average woman knows full-well that she possesses this unjust amount of power over a man, and the apathy of women toward the well-being of men is reprehensible. Thank you very much to those of you (women) who do get involved in men’s issues. I know it takes courage. Let’s be on the same team.
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  1. jack

     /  November 23, 2014

    The problem is not the women – they have always been irrational and prone to emotionally-contaminated thinking. The real problem is the white knights. And there is no white knight more dangerous than a father who wishes to see his daughter as virtuous, not matter how contemptible she may be.

    Much speculation has been entertained regarding when feminism as we know it will end. It will end the exact day that 51% of men have had enough of it.

    • Hi Jack,

      With regards to the white-knights, what comes to mind to me–like in the way of many of today’s pastors–is something like what happened with the false prophet Hananiah versus Jeremiah. Hananiah came with good news for Israel that wasn’t true, while Jeremiah, the true prophet, came with bad news for Israel due to a lack of repentance.

      The way I understand women is that they crave leadership one way or another. But I believe they can hold up false prophets if they elect cowardice–the white knight wants to feel like “one of the good guys” and a woman feels the power she has to manipulate him so; with feminism basically declaring “guilty until proven innocent” with men, men start foolishly victimizing other men to be one of the good guys. They can be like the false prophet and his followers, with an exchange of nice-sounding falsehoods (i.e. without a call to repentance) for admiration.

      • Ah, and I wanted to add, on the other hand–as I’m sure you’ll agree–some women are quite capable of avoiding the deception. They take on the path of self-respect, dignity, and accountability, and as such they tend to gravitate toward following better leader figures.

  2. jack

     /  November 23, 2014

    Bros before Hos!

    • jack

       /  November 23, 2014

      And yes, I am “that” jack. My goal is to encourage men to toughen up and be willing to be as blunt as needed to move the ball down the field. I spent a long time trying to be gentle, but we live in a harsh and prideful time, and I have finally come to the conclusion that a stern rebuke and words that will be difficult to hear.

      The problem is that the women see any gentle words as automatically weak, and therefore worthy to ignore. But my personal experience is that if you call a girl out on her BS, and in a blunt manner, she has to recourse but to absorb the truth. For instance, one girl I knew was telling me about a friend of hers who kept getting pumped and dumped by players. My response “If you want to stop catching players, stop baiting your hook with whore.”

      Her eyes flew wide open and I could tell she wanted to chew me out for my indelicacy of language. But I smiled a smile that said “I do not apologize for what I said, and there is nothing you can do to make me take it back.”

      It is not about bitterness or revenge, it is about cracking the very thick shell of modern female pride. The spirit of Jezebel is loose in our women, and they have raised unholy pride to olympian levels. I live to oppose that pride, and to – when needed – deliver stinging rebuke.

  3. You know, as much as “traditional conservative Christian” men (white knights if ever there were) want to play at being idiot-hero to their Evangelical American Princesses, I am hard pressed to find ANY example of a white knighting male in Scripture. Can you think of any? I can’t. The only two that come to mind, Ahab and Herod, are more akin to simps than white knights.
    If I am right, that white knighting doesn’t appear in Scripture, then what should that tell us men of today, huh? THINK, guys. THINK.


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