The Purposes of this Blog

Long story short, I see a big, big hole in ministries for men.

The issues of our culture, as they affect men and the way we think, are very complicated and very far away from the Word of God. That is my focus: to align myself with Scripture.NOT Christian subculture.

“Subculture”? I think it’s pretty clear that Christian culture is unique in many ways, while affected by the rest of the world. Any true believer, however, is interested in what is absolute, as matching the tones of scripture.

This is worth noting for the matter at hand because a lot of things Christian subculture FIRMLY BELIEVES are built not on Scripture, but are also like a “mist driven by a storm,” and many of the things I intend to discuss are going to be met with opposition for sure. I intend to kick over a whole bunch of sacred cows here; things not sacred as far as Scripture is actually concerned, but to belief systems of the world. Of course, Scripture will be taken out of context and abused to that end.

As far as existing “men’s ministries,” for the most part, my take on it is this: masculinity is under attack in the world, painted negatively in a variety of ways, and the only safe place left for masculinity to exist that’s most agreeable is its discussion all in the terms of how it benefits women, and in my experience that’s pretty much all there is to find out there for men’s ministries. Of course, men being a benefit to women is wonderful. But what about the actual value of a man’s life? His feelings? His fulfillment? Aren’t we human too? Don’t we have value as sons of God, apart from what others get from us? Some people might call this a paranoid question, but I would dare them to say that after considering the current-day situations for men–but we’ve been well-trained not to care. Men are like appliances: we’re good if we produce, maybe worth fixing if we don’t work so well.

As for the needs of women? Clearly, if women have needs from men (which we all have needs from each other, inescapably, from other parts of the Body), can’t those be better met if men’s masculine and human needs are recognized and better met?

I find it abundantly clear that a woman is afforded much more ability–with what is offered by culture–to be considered a valuable person apart from whether or not she is a “useful” person. The same needs to be done for men. Everyone should equally do what they can to be useful, but everyone should also be considered valuable apart from their usefulness.

I’d like to see men appreciate themselves, recognize their INNATE value–which is most certainly equal to that of a woman–find their fulfillment as fully-functioning members of the Body of Christ, healed, and understand how much God loves them.

I’d urge anyone to pray for me too. 😉 Much love to you all. All things will be redeemed for the purposes of His glory and may His will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

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  1. jack

     /  November 23, 2014

    I feel I have a calling to bring revolution to mens ministries and to provide public rebuke to pastors, calling them out for their “Focus on the Female” mentality. I am the only one I know who would be willing to point a finger in a pastor’s face and tell him he is unfit for the pulpit, and a millstone around the neck of the men who sit under his “leadership”.

    I’m tired of the preening peacocks who strut for their adoring female audiences congregations. I’m tired of the Mark Driscolls and their childish man-up rants (Driscoll got what was coming to him, btw).

    In short, I think that men need to retake their churches and run the p—-y-whipped feminist apple polishers out on a rail.Smiting both the pride and authority of these white knighting preachers should be job one.

    Once we purge the pulpit of it’s smooth talking liars, we can begin to correct the direction of the Church as a whole.

    • A lot of that’s really good, Jack, and I hope you can see, from checking out my blog, that I’m largely on the same page as you. I hope you will hear me out on a couple points, however.

      Surely you can realize the fact that a lot of pastors are largely looking at their positions as a business. They simply must say whatever they need to say to stay in business with their consumer base that supports them. A singular individual who doles out a good rebuke can and should be heard, no doubt about it, but they have their give and take (the congregation and the leadership) with congregations supporting ministers for saying what they want to hear.

      (I actually tried to contact a pastor to try to confront him once and he simply never called back.)

      With that in mind, I would offer for you to consider that the most effective approach to making an influence involves those of us who are like-minded gathering in prayer, supporting one another, behaving front-to-back as our Bibles describe the Body of Christ as the New Testament details in every respect. We can truly strengthen one another and heal amongst ourselves; surely–as Christians in general understand–we can’t particularly count on everyone turning to the truth. We have to be prepared for that, don’t we? But if we can be a ministry amongst ourselves, I think that is what will cause others to take the most notice and we can make the most impact.

      Our larger ambition–as I hope you’ll agree–is a fully-functional Body of Christ as our Bible teaches it (men and women both, of course). The mistreatment of men in Christian culture is a HUGE issue in getting to where we need to go. I would very much like to see those who are like-minded on these matters focus a great deal on being supportive as brothers and sisters in Christ primarily.

      Thanks for stopping by, Jack! God be with you.

  2. Sarot

     /  February 25, 2015

    Hi- I thought you might want to check out my blog- this page talks about singleness vs. marriage and what biblical manhood is about. I also talk about why i am single and how people treat single men. Take a read and let me know what you think. thanks!


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